Customized World-Class Event Packages

Interest in premier sporting events has grown significantly, creating a demand in corporate America for tickets and facilities for the entertainment of important customers and special guests. Our goal at Signature Golf Events is to simplify the process and assist corporations in obtaining access to these types of special events. Our customized packages make us your ultimate source for access to world-class sporting events.

Tour Event Hospitality (tickets, accommodations, transportation, F&B, leisure golf & staffing)

  • Masters
  • Ryder Cup
  • US Open

Tour Player & Celebrity Appearances

  • Top Players from PGA, Champions & LPGA Tours
  • Top 20 US Instructors
  • TV Golf Commentator Personalities
  • Specialty Talents: Long Drive Champions, Trick Shot Artists

Chartered Executive Get Aways

Delivering a new and unparalleled way to experience a high end private golf travel to any destination

Clinics & Instruction

Overanalyzing situations creates doubt, and doubt is the root of swing errors. Let us help fix the doubt!


Provides a unique opportunity for Golf Professionals and Amateurs to compete in golf tournaments worldwide and enjoy the camaraderie of other enthusiastic golfers from around the world

Electronic Scoring

Heighten the experience with handheld wireless scoring & real time digital leader boards for instant winners and results.

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